Industrial Park


The industrial park, located at the northern entrance of the city of Beauceville, is strategically positioned for businesses, facilitating transportation and offering excellent visibility. The industrial park offers all the services and the infrastructures necessary for the good development of your business over an area of more than 15,000,000 square feet.

Numerous advantages

Financial support
For all new commercial or industrial buildings valued at more than $10,000.00, a subsidy equivalent to 100% of the new property taxes will be offered by the Beauceville Industrial Development Corporation (CDIB) to the new business for the three years following the valuation date.

A land of choice
Over 4,715,000 square feet are available. The ground has a good bearing

capacity. Its composition is generally a vegetal cover, then a layer of soil or silt, and finally a surface of rock that varies in depth (between zero and three metres or more). The humid zones have already been cleared by the city.

Services and utilities

  • The aqueduct
  • Fire protection
  • Sanitary sewers and wastewater treatment
  • Garbage and waste disposal
  • The electrical network
  • Telecommunications and fiber-optic networks (200 kb/s)
  • Natural gas

A strategic location
Beauceville is ideally located to access several important markets. The city is located 88 kilometres from Quebec City, 312 kilometres from Montreal, 150 kilometres from Sherbrooke and 62.8 kilometres from the American border (Maine).

The proximity of major roads

  • Highway 73
  • Highway 20
  • Highway 40
  • Parkway 108
  • Parkway 173 (Route du Président Kennedy)

The proximity of ports and airports
The park is located near the Port of Quebec, the regional airports of Saint-Georges as well as Quebec City’s Jean-Lesage International Airport.

Training and labour
Training centres tailored to the needs of labourers are beneficial for recruiting and conserving staff, while also ensuring quality family life.

Information :  
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MFélix NunezM.A.P.Directeur général
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Ville de Beauceville
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